Kaleidoscope Petite Landing Page – This page was designed for the launch of Kaleidoscope’s Petite clothing range. The range opens up new customers who are looking for the perfect fit for their physique. Highlighting the key differences from the standard sizing this page gives the customer information then allows them to shop the ranges.

Black Friday 2016 HTML5 Takeover for Argos. The aim of this campaign was to alert potential customers of our Black Friday Event, using HTML5 animated content to make it eye catching and engaging.

Netmums Christmas HTML5 Takeover for Chad Valley. Part of the Peak Christmas campaign to build awareness of the brand to potential customers. This contained animated HTML5 content to attract the users attention and display the range of Chad Valley products available for Christmas.

Responsive Email desiged for Argos. Targeted email based on customer data and insights, pulling in dynamic content relevant to the customer.

A responsive email designed for the Argos Toys category. For this category I created an email template using responsive components to allow for many different variations. The task for this project was to create a fun engaging email while remaining with the Argos Brand guidelines. This was done through the use of fonts, colours and utilising GIFs.

Targeted email designed for Argos. This email was for the Mother’s day campaign and sent before Mother’s day to remind customers of the event. It also contained inspirational content to spark ideas for the customer and build the reputation of Argos as a knowledgeable brand.

Website banners designed at Argos for the Homepage and Category Pages on the Argos website. Lifestyle images were used to portray the characteristics of the brands/category. Advanced Photoshop techniques were used to allow for text to be used on top of lifestyle images in a clean and professional way.

Website banners designed at Argos for the Homepage and Category Pages on the Argos website. The banners were designed to incorporate the current branding (paint splash) while showcasing the product range available in the offer.

Mowsbury Golf Club poster – This poster was designed to illustrate the benefits of joining Mowsbury Golf Club to players who are not currently members. The poster is placed on the notice board at the club.

Mowsbury Golf Club 40th anniversary poster – A poster displayed in the club highlighting the special offer for joining the club in its 40th anniversary.

RM Books A2 Wall Poster. This posrt was taken to the BETT tradeshow and handed out to potential clients at the RM Education stand.

RM Books ‘can help with’ poster – Reluctant Readers – A poster sent out to customers of RM Books (an ebook solution for schools) outlining some of the benefits to the product. This was a series of posters outlining all the benefits for both teachers and students to understand the benefits of the system.

RM Books Prize Draw Card – A prize draw card handed out at an event with a tear off strip to hand in at the bottom. The main card is kept for information about RM Books. For this project I liaised with printers to execute the design.

Personalised support poster for schools. Custom images were used for each School site with bespoke information relating to their support information. These were printed and sent to the Schools for the use of the teachers.

Various pieces of graphic design and web design work from my time at Argos, RM Education, aswell as freelance work.

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